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About Home Advantage Plus

During these tough economic times, we at Home Advantage Plus decided to specialize in helping our clients with home ownership. We are the perfect partner for turning financial mistakes into opportunities and turning economic turmoil into your advantage.

The Canadian federal government has enacted new legislation which makes qualifying for a traditional mortgage much tougher. This has adversely affected both the buyer and seller. Now, a large segment of potential buyers have been shut out of the market, hurting those who are looking to sell their homes.

Home Advantage Plus offers an alternative approach that improves upon the conventional route to homeownership. We offer solutions for both the owners looking to sell as well as those who would like to buy, no matter what the situation. We can provide you with a distinct advantage to ensure that you can live the way you want.

We strive to create a professional environment that offers the best client experience in the industry. Our team of accountants, lawyers, bankers, and real estate professionals come together to provide a proven system for helping others.

Find your advantage here. We care.